Seeing of colour is not just the visual realization of an object, but a process of happening involving the complete process of the three foundations of colour, namely:

  •  How the HUMAN BEING reacts to the visible spectrum and the development-process of the eventual perceiving of colour.
  • How the SURFACE of the object react to the visible spectrum.
  • How the quality of LIGHT(visible spectrum) influences the process of seeing.
  •          We think by just choosing a colour from a colour sample, is all that is required to enjoy the colour we have in mind. But we must realize that there are always the 3 dimensions of colour that WILL have an effect on how we unconsciously experience/perceive the colour, namely VISION, SURFACE and LIGHT.                                                                                                                                                                 This complexity of “seeing” colour, results in all the problems you have to consider when deciding on a colour for a specific space. Remember all spaces differ. We are confronted daily by so called “unsatisfactory, even disastrous” criticism or advice by novice interior designers, and so called colour “gurus”.
  • In my next BLOG I will mention some of the colour problems you might be faced with and some advice how to handle it.


Dr. Van aardt du Preez

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