COLOUR, do we really know what it is?

To understand this, we have to understand what is colour, how we see it and how it can affect us.

Without this understanding of colour, it is no wonder we like to believe that the information on colour palettes and from interior decorators, architects and magazine articles is the best guide to colour decisions. Have you ever thought why you are fairly confident and assured about your colour taste, but loose that confidence when trying to “mix and match” colours? Many people rely on, and believe that all these decision making decorating  aids like colour palettes, trends and colour forecast are the answer to their indecisiveness.  They believe what they read and are mesmerized by the alluring descriptions of the effect which colour can have on them as marketed by paint companies.

Every colour in existence have a positive and negative characteristic, but you will seldom if ever find that the negative side of a colour is mentioned.  Not to mention the fact that colour does not exist in a physical sense.

To understand colour we have to understand that for colour to “happen” for us,  we must accept accept that colour is the combined influence of the “IN THERE” and “OUT THERE” events. We don’t see colour, we experience it, and this process leading to our colour happening includes 3 events namely 1) LIGHT, 2) OBSERVER and 3) SURFACE/ OBJECT. Without the influence of any one of the 3 events, there cannot be COLOUR.

Dr. Van aardt du Preez

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