For some reasons unknown, most of the negative characteristics of colours are avoided in the marketing of coloured paints and colour palettes of paint manufacturers.
Scientists have made substantial progress understanding the human beings reaction to light and with an objective overview that light affects humans in a variety of ways.
As early as 1936, an Austrian physician and scientist, HANS DELYE pioneered new frontiers with his revolutionary discoveries about stress. His research demonstrated that hormones released in the development of many degenerative diseases, including brain hemorrhage, hardening of the arteries, coronary thrombosis, certain types of high blood pressure, kidney failure, arthritis, peptic ulcers and many more. Lately we can also add cancer to the list.
He proofed that measurable and highly predictable physiological changes take place as a reaction n to psychological and environmental stress.. Emotions play a role in the origin of physical diseases associated with immunological dysfunctions, especially auto-immune diseases as well as cancer, infections and allergies.
When people are under stress, their Immune systems are more likely to fail.
The importance of “STESS” influences on the human being has been neglected in the decorative world, maybe because we are not always aware of its influence, and most of us are not even aware of our stress or ignore it.

In my next blog I will explain how colour can cause the stress hormone CORTISOL.

Dr. Van aardt du Preez

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