Misconception of the “colour” WHITE

I’ve read some interesting evaluations of the colour white. Here are some opinions which I find quite amusing.

  •  White is a colour which can enlighten dark rooms.
  • White is the ideal colour to bring out the architectural characteristics of a room.
  • White is the classic colour for a bathroom, because it will never go out of fashion.
  • In your master bedroom, white will help to lighten your Stress, by creating a calm, neutral atmosphere.
  • White is not a sterile colour.

These comments are an excellent example of people with little or no scientific knowledge about the 3 pillars of color, namely LIGHT, SURFACE and OBSERVER.

Dr Kelvin Kemm, a nuclear physicist said the following: “It is an interesting modern social phenomenon that many people who have no training in science at all, feel completely free to make science comments in public. What make matters worse, magazines and various authorities are quite prepared to accept it. The democratic concept is that all citizens have the right to voice an opinion, but there is a difference. A fundamental societal understanding of basic science is important for everyday life. However, what one needs, is also a social respect for science.”

The famous artist Picasso had it right when he said: ” You don’t paint with colours, You paint with emotions“. Little did he know how true his words were in our present every-day-life.

Ours is an age of increasing sensitivity to colour. We all ponder long and hard over the paint colour charts, worry over the colours we are considering, and assemble handfuls of colour charts. We listen to advice of outsiders and in the process, we forget our own psychological and physiological needs.

But what meanings are conveyed by colours that surround us in everyday life? Do we understand their real meanings and influences, to enable us to use them more effectively?

We have to accept that we all have different colour tastes, and although we don’t like to hear it, let alone accept it, colour is an accepted science, and the human being is rather complex…… and also a science.

But unfortunately, most decorators consider DECORATION more important than WELL-BEING, not knowing what is colour, how it effects the processes of VISION and BRAIN, and its release of hormones, our WELL-BEING is affected, and possible health problems can arise.




Dr. Van aardt du Preez

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