The famous artist PICASSO had it right when he said; “You don’t paint with colours, You paint with emotions”. Little did he know how true his words were in our present every-day life.

There is something marvelous about this very personal and mysterious connection between colour and our emotions, of which we are not aware of. We live with colour everyday, it has the biggest influence on our psyche, yet we are still in the dark about its influence on us. Also we know that colour is quite a complicated science, and therefore we out of habit, rely on outside influences when deciding on colours in our homes. But this is where most of our colour decision problems start, because numerous so called “colour gurus” have entered the design world with their subjective colour advice. This unfortunately have now-a-days placed the emphasis of colour decoration, on the social accepted beauty of the colours, instead on the WELL-BEING influences of colours. This is therefore a commercial approach relying on FORMULATED COLOURS

Dr. Van aardt du Preez

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