Knowledge of the science of COLOUR will make you realize that there can never be a general accepted perceiving of any colour, colour design and colour characteristics. If that was possible, then it would be possible to apply it to all our senses; we all will experience temperature, sound, taste smell and colour the same–ABSOLUTE IMPOSSIBLE. Many of the most exciting discoveries in all fields of science are being played out in the human being. However, we are only concerned about colour, the result of one of our five senses, that of vision’s effect on the human being.

Looking at any object we see, we have to realize that what we “see”, is artificial. Everything we “see”, take place in the brain. Our brain constructs a model of the world from the information provided by modules that measure light and shade, edges curvature and so on. We live in a what we think is a “coloured environment” but actually it is a “colourless environment”. Would it also surprise you to find that your eye is not what sees colour, and what you see differs from that of others?

We have to accept that colour is a science, and therefore, we can never accept colour only as a decorative means, we have to consider the PSYCHOLOGICAL and PHYSIOLOGICAL aspects, and only that can be the basic home WELL-BEING DECORATION.

Dr. Van aardt du Preez

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